Extra morning lessons

After last year's great success, we are expanding our special morning classes for three weeks of Dance Without Borders SUMMER!

What are extra morning lessons?

Each week of Dance Without Borders SUMMER we offer morning classes focused on deepening a specific movement technique under the guidance of one teacher from that week.

The exclusive classes, held daily from 9 to 10:30am on a small stage, are designed for a small group of advanced dancers who want to delve more into a specific movement technique. As a sweet ending to the lessons, you will have an intensive collaboration with the instructor to create a dance video that you will be a part of.

The price for Extra Morning Lessons for a week is 2 950 CZK.

Week Two - Shared Levitation Partnering

Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes Guerra

The concept of Shared Levitation Partnering was developed by dancer and teacher Marion Sparber and her assistant Alan Fuentes Guerra. Their intention was to free the dancers from the aestheticism of dance and encourage their natural playfulness and functionality of movement. Through the principles of action-reaction, "playing" with body form, weight, breath and dynamics, dancers rediscover the joy of instinctive movement and learn to listen, observe and control their movement as one functioning organism in space.

Partnering is based on an organic way of moving, drawing on mutual action and reaction, contact improvisation, acro-dance, ballroom dancing and martial techniques. Each couple is guided to discover their own way of communicating and variations on individual assignments. Using a variety of tools, the dancers gradually learn how to work with resistance, their own strength and the direction of movement in the role of "flyer" and "base". The workshop also includes work with dance variations for couples and excerpts from the Porzellan-Haus duet, which the dancers learn at the end of each class.

Third week - floorwork flow

Sam Caleb Baxter

Floorwork Flow lessons will be led by the great dancers Samuel Caleb Baxter and Vanessa Vince Pang. Both draw on their extensive experience in modern dance, ballet, acrobatics, gymnastics, capoiera, tricking and breaking. Their movement vocabulary draws heavily on this range of disciplines and combines them to create a coherent approach to working with the country that these special classes are dedicated to. Under the guidance of Sam and Vanessa, you will delve into the world of floorwork through working with improvisation, coordination, rhythm and the tools of your own body, or toolwork. The aim of the classes is to get a better grasp of how we respond to different types of movement, whether we are on the ground, upside down or in the air. Through the classes, dancers*ice will not only learn to better grasp movement on the ground, but also to fully perceive their own kinesphere, or personal space.