About Dance Without Limits

Dance Without Limits is a unique project, bringing together dancers from all over the world.

Our goal is to educate and connect artistically and physically talented dancers through dance workshops and events with inspiring teachers from all over the world.

  • At our workshops, you will meet amazing dancers from around the world in contemporary, fusion hip hop, or jazz, and learn techniques such as floorwork, dance partner acrobatics, or countertechnique. Our classes are tailored for intermediate and advanced dancers.
  • Thanks to our collaboration with foreign studios and schools, we also offer a variety of exciting dance opportunities in the form of scholarships and internships, which can be awarded by teachers to selected dancers at the end of the workshop. You can also earn a scholarship for the next edition of Dance Without Limits, which every teacher awards to one dancer from each level at the end of the week.
  • Throughout the year, we also organize seasonal workshops under the names SPRING, WINTER and FALL. These are shorter, mostly weekend workshops, where you can gain unique experiences from other great choreographers.
  • Wondering what it looks like at Dance Without Limits? Check our Facebook or Instagram page.

Who can participate?

Everyone who wants to dance and improve can participate.

Two levels of classes are available - intermediate and advanced.

The intermediate level is ideal for younger participants and less experienced dancers.

We do not recommend Dance Without Limits workshops to individuals, who have never danced before.