Raymond Naval

Raymond Naval is a dancer and choreographer from Los Angeles, specializing in jazz, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary. He studied dance and choreography at the University of California, Irvine. During his studies, he danced in the Entity Contemporary Dance ensemble in Los Angeles, under the direction of Marissa Osato and Will Johnston.

Collaborations and Achievements

  • Currently, Raymond lives in Madrid, Spain, where he also worked as a choreographer and judge for the dance show Fama A Bailar!
  • As a dancer, he performs at dance festivals with groups such as Osa + Mujika and choreographer Iker Karrera.
  • At the dance conference The Pulse on Tour, he trained with prominent choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Tyce Diorio, Tessandra Chavez, and Laurianne Gibson.
  • Under Clear Talent Group, he collaborated with singer Taylor Swift (music video for Shake It Off) and on famous shows like Glee, Two and a Half Men, American Music Awards, and various commercial spots.
  • Other choreographic and dance collaborations include creating promo videos for the Oscar movie awards, the Art4Life project by choreographer Gina Starbuck, American Music Awards, PSY and MC Hammer, and numerous dance performances and concerts for the University of California, Irvine.

Teaching Style

In his classes, Raymond works with improvisation, technique, diagonals, and choreographies. His choreographies represent a fusion of dance styles such as jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. Dancers are led to adapt their own dance technique to various musical styles.

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